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Culinaire Victoria


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It has always been the vision of Culinaire to provide our stakeholders with a memorable experience, which evokes a unique sense of place, culture and hospitality, and the opportunity to share in our support of local charities connected to the hospitality industry.

We know that the most successful chefs are passionate, creative and devoted to their art. And, that a culinary arts degree can inspire future chefs to discover not just the science behind cooking, but how to create dishes that leave their guests speechless. That is why Culinaire strives to bring awareness to the growing culinary scene in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island, and is committed to helping talented students pursue their goal of achieving a professional career in the food & beverage industry. Through our company, and our stakeholders, it makes us extremely honored to support local culinary programs and scholarships through the BC Hospitality Foundation and Vancouver Island University.

Thank you to everyone who has attended, and participated at Culinaire Victoria. Our ability to provide funding for scholarships and industry programs is a direct result of your enthusiastic support.


“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring the soul to the recipe.” - Thomas Keller




The BCHF provides financial support for individuals within the hospitality community coping with a financial crisis arising from a medical condition or injury, and awards scholarships to students enrolled in hospitality, culinary, sommelier and beverage programs within BC.



Vancouver Island University-

The Culinary Institute of Vancouver focuses on training and courses that deliver culinary professional development and training. They also assist in high school training programs through ITA Ace It and CTC/Headstart programs.